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9. Österreichischer Altbautag


The 9th Austrian Altbautag this year is also the theme of the project AlpHouse
 "Thermal renovation of existing buildings"
25. November 2010 | 09.00 | Salzburg | BauAkademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg


The training event aims to contribute to the prevention and reduction of structural damage and construction defects. In medium term the extremely high cost of disposing of structural damage and construction defects in Austria, currently about 180 million € per year in the building construction sector could reduced .
Based on the experiences of the past, the practice-oriented research and development and the findings regarding the quality management and quality control in construction to future damage could be avoided.

The event is to the builder about the planer, to the executive specialist to establish a new consciousness, by which the quality optimizing the planning, implementation and monitoring would be optimized.


Target group
The seminar is aimed at architects, civil engineers and engineering consultants of Building and Construction, at the planning stage builder, specialist companies and construction companies as well as testing laboratories, consultants, government agencies, property management, developers and experts.


Link to Invitation in German
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