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Categories of Training Modules
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Training Modules

Categories of AlpHouse Training Modules


>> Please find our current qualification offers in section News & Events (select "Trainings").


The AlpHouse training modules are strucured into 5 categories:

(fact sheets for each training module are available on demand)


A. Design & Planning

  • Spatial Strategies
  • Interfaces
  • Planning Processes

B. Use of Material

  • Regional Material
  • Simplification
  • Independency from Industrial Products  
  • Vernacular Material (Lime, Wood, Stone, Clay, etc.)

C. Technology & Energy

  • Vernacular Technology
  • High-Efficient Technology
  • Low-Tech Technology
  • Repair and Renovation
  • Building Analysis
  • Pathologies

D. AlpHouse Approach & Awareness

  • Dissemination and Promotion of AlpHouse Ideas on local, regional and transnational level
  • Consultancy for Politics
  • Building Awareness (for target grous building owners, craftsmen, architects, planners, and energy consultants)

E. Education & Marketing  

  • Train the Trainer
  • Didactics, Module Construction, Scientific Background, Rhetorics
  • Using AlpHouse as an USP
  • Process Orientation  
  • Costumer Contact
  • Networking
  • Interfaces between Craftsmen, Architects and Decision Makers
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